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Megalithica Books Catalogue

DIY Totemism

Your Personal Guide to Animal Totems

by Lupa

Are there totems beyond Wolf, Bear, and Eagle? Do you want to discover and deepen your relationships with your totems? From the author of the groundbreaking Fang and Fur, Blood and Bone: A Primal Guide to Animal Magic comes a new work that redefines the modern concept of practical animal totemism.

Join Lupa as she explores totems beyond the Big, Impressive North American Birds and Mammals, how therianthropes may use totemism in conjunction with their therianthropy, and how everyday substances commonly found in food and drink can be used in totemic rituals. Plus you'll learn about how to create the Last Totem Card Deck You'll Ever Need, and ideas for integrating totemism more deeply into your everyday life for the benefit of all involved.

Free from formulaic dictionary entries, streamlined without tons of prefabricated spells and rituals, and full of material based on Lupa's years of experience, DIY Totemism is the ultimate guide to a personal relationship with totem animals.

  Price: 12.99 (GBP)
  Published: 14/08/2008
  Cat. Number: MB0118
  Format: Paperback
  Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5" or 216 x 140mm
  Pages: 208 pp.
  Publisher: Megalithica Books
  ISBN: 9781905713196
  Cover Artist: Pia Van Ravestein
  Language: English
  GenresOccult Thought & Practice
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