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Megalithica Books Catalogue

Bridging the Gap

Working Within the Dynamics of Pagan Groups and Society

by Crystal Blanton

As we evolve it becomes increasingly clear that being an incredible ritualist is not all that is needed to be a competent leader or member of our pagan society. Unless they come to the Craft already equipped with these skills from professional training or other life experience, the leaders in our community have not possessed the skills to effectively model or train in these techniques. For all the intensive training we endure in the Craft, pagans as a society are still ill-equipped to competently cope with the growing needs of our own community.

Bridging the Gap: Working Within the Dynamics of Pagan Groups and Society will look at filling the common gaps in our community by using techniques as tools to assess, understand, and work with the changing dynamic of any group or coven. While maintaining a professional polish, the book uses humor, common scenarios, exercises, and resources to examine the commonalities between techniques used in the counseling profession; giving the reader concrete, professional solutions to coping with common problems.

The book addresses:

Basics of common techniques used in counseling including anger management, assessment tools, boundaries, behavior shaping, restorative justice and many others

The common traps that occur within groups, which lead to devastating effects and dissolution

The creation of the group mind and how it is effected by the budding dynamics of a group

Creating boundaries to effectively mentor students

The importance of creating clear objectives and expectations as a group

The art of holding your group members accountable

When it is not your fight

  Price: 10.99 (GBP)
  Published: 10/10/2010
  Cat. Number: MB0143
  Format: Paperback
  Dimensions: 8.5" x 5.5"
  Pages: 148 pp.
  Publisher: Megalithica Books
  ISBN: 9781905713431
  Editor: Michelle Mueller
  Cover Artist: Angelique Mroczka
  Typesetter: Taylor Ellwood
  Language: English
  GenresOccult Thought & Practice
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