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Megalithica Books Catalogue

SHE Collector's Edition

Primal Meetings with the Dark Goddess

by Storm Constantine, Andrew Collins

Collector's Edition

Hardback with wrap-around cover and bonus section
Available ONLY direct from Immanion Press

All pre-ordered copies will be signed by Storm Constantine and Andrew Collins

Will be published and shipped on 13th December 2018

The Dark Goddess is fearsome, lustful, unpredictable, dispassionate, cruel, and often deadly. She is Mother Nature without mercy. She is the Ice Maiden with no heart. She is the Bloody Scavenger of the Battlefield and the Huntress of the Moon. She is the Queen of the Dead, and the Avatar of Madness. She reflects our deepest desires, fears, ideals, hopes and expectations. 

 In this book, you’ll meet goddesses of war, ecstasy and chaos, as well as huntresses of the night and queens of the underworld. You’ll experience meetings with dark mothers, alluring demonesses and grim hags of the winter twilight, who might share with you their ancient wisdom. In vividly evoked timeless lands you’ll encounter powerful sorceresses and wild incarnations of delirium. Hecate, Ereshkigal, Babalon, Akhlys, Melusine, Berchta, Ashina, Black Annis, Lamia... they and all their shadowy sisters wait in their hidden domains to reveal their mysteries.  

Storm Constantine and Andrew Collins have selected a wide and fascinating assembly of goddesses for this book, including some who are not so well-known. The pathworkings to meet them, and explore their realms through meditation and intuition, will help you gain insight into these often-misunderstood deities. This fully-illustrated book includes articles and pathworkings by Deborah Cartwright, Maggie Jennings, Richard Ward and Caroline Wise. Illustrations by Danielle Lainton, Storm Constantine and Ruby.

The Collector’s edition is augmented by a bonus section – Goddesses of Greater Darkness – featuring Lyssa, Melinoe and Kalma, with extra illustrations to accompany it.

  Price: £29.99 (GBP)
  Published: 13/12/2018
  Cat. Number: MB0199
  Format: Hard Cover
  Dimensions: 234x156 mm, 6.14x9.21
  Pages: 352 pp.
  Publisher: Megalithica Books
  ISBN: 978-1-912241-07-1
  Cover Artist: Danielle Lainton
  Typesetter: Storm Constantine
  Language: English
  GenresOccult Thought & Practice

Note: This is a Collector's Edition book shipped from the UK, so shipping costs outside of the UK are higher than our normal shipping costs.

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