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Megalithica Books Catalogue


Poetry & Storytelling as Our Spiritual Portals

by Cornelia Benavidez

Cornelia Benavidez's spiritual and inspiration poems are prefaced by her autobiography of growing up in 1960s and 1970s America, just as alternative spiritual beliefs were starting to become popular. A fascinating snapshot of those times and the prime movers within them.

Transpiration is a dynamic odyssey that moves seamlessly from autobiography to poetry. The author’s story of growing up in the USA in the 60s and 70s resonates with a deep accord of the ambience of the times, through a magical and intensely personal take on a spiritual awakening, made all the more intimate through the use of dialogue that brings the experiences alive and makes them authentic.

Benavidez’s poetic imagination seeks to make hermeneutic sense of the Divine from the perspective of someone schooled in Christianity but becoming increasingly aware of alternative spiritual paths. This is exquisitely realised in her poetry, which treads a fine metaphysical line, moving in and out of reality boxes with dexterity, and always bringing something new to the table with each verse.

The best poetry holds up a mirror to consensus reality and reflects back what might otherwise be concealed. The poems in this book achieve this skilfully, moving between the sacred significance of the epic ‘Nephilim’ to shorter works that attempt to tease out the elusive meaning of existence, always imbued with an acute wisdom as to what spiritual portals may truly represent. The poetic awareness is, in every sense, transpirational.

 Dr Neil Rushton, author of Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun


“Truly inspirational poetry, prefaced by a fascinating insight into the growth of alternative spiritual beliefs in 1970s America.”

Andrew Collins, author of ‘From the Ashes of Angels’
and co-author of ‘SHE: Primal Meetings with the Dark Goddess’

  Price: £12.99 (GBP)
  Published: 12/12/2018
  Cat. Number: MB0200
  Format: Paperback
  Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5" or 216 x 140mm
  Pages: 314 pp.
  Publisher: Megalithica Books
  ISBN: 978-1-912241-08-8
  Editor: Louise Coquio
  Cover Artist: Peter Hollinghurst
  Typesetter: Storm Constantine
  Language: English
  GenresReligion & Spirituality
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