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Meet The Staff

Megalithica Books Catalogue

Storm Constantine
Managing Director and Commissioning Editor

After seventeen years of being professionally published, Storm decided that the only way for her books to stay in print for any length of time was to publish her back catalogue herself. More...

Taylor Ellwood
Senior Editor and Manager of Megalithica Books

Taylor Ellwood is the managing non-fiction editor of Immanion Press, and his mission is to publish cutting edge intermediate to advanced esoteric non-fiction. More...

Simon Beal

Simon used to be a full-time web programmer but now works as an indexer. More...

Jim Hibbert
Accounts and Sales Manager

Jim's in charge of sales and orders. More...

Marianne Braendlein

Marianne was born in Montreal in the early 50s, and although she still considers that city her home, she has adopted Wellington County in Southern Ontario in its stead. More...

Wendy Darling

Wendy Darling wears many hats -- web developer, blog curator, editor, community activist, writer, and more. More...

jaymi elford

jaymi (innowen) elford is a creative muse whose passions are numerous. More...

Donald Hardy

A San Francisco Bay Area resident for the past twelve years, Donald Hardy moved from the east coast, where he had lived since childhood, while trapped in the grip of a midlife crisis of Biblical proportions, and lives in a small, tree shaded cottage with a very conversational Schnauzer named Schultz and too many books. More...

Sheta Kaey

Sheta is a 30-years-plus veteran of occult practice and is self-educated in several magical disciplines. More...

Jennifer Linsky

Jennifer Linsky lives in the United States with her husband, Mark, and 5,000 books. More...

Fiona McGavin

Fiona McGavin was born in 1971 in the Scottish Highlands and grew up in Fort William on the west coast. More...

Bethany Moore

Since she was in elementary school, Bethany Moore has held a passion for poetry and writing, as well as spiritual studies, and social and political activism. More...

Michelle Mueller

With a B. More...

Nick Pell

Nick Pell is the editor of The Magicianís Reflection by Bill Whitcomb, and appears in the Taylor Ellwood edited Magic on the Edge. More...


Agent 139, aka James Curcio, has been consciously dedicated to the production and analysis of modern myths since the age of sixteen, and subconsciously arguably since birth. More...

Andy Bigwood

Andy is an artist, draughtsman, bookbinder, cartographer and illustrator from West Wiltshire, UK, where he lives alone, only venturing out for disastrous foreign holidays and the occasional convention. More...


As her professional name suggests, BlackMysticAís art is often related to dark and mystic themes. More...

Nemo Boko

I am originally from Miami, Florida, USA - a mixing of languages, cultures and expression always seemed very natural to me. More...

Vincent Chong

From my early doodles as a kid, to the more elaborate paintings and sculptures I created in art lessons at school, I guess it was always on the cards that I would end up pursuing some sort of creative career. More...


Details to be added.

Michaele Harrington

Michaele Harrington earned her MFA degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD. More...

Todd Heilmann

When I'm not doing medical photo-documentation (I HATE the snapping sound of bone being clipped off) and graphic design you can find me at my favorite coffee/art shop reading hands. More...

Peter Hollinghurst

Peter lives in the South of England near Brighton, Sussex. More...

John Kaiine

John Kaiine: Writer, artist, photographer. More...

Danielle Lainton

Born in Stafford in 1976 and lived here all my life. More...

Kris Leet

Kris Leet was born in New York State in 1948, eldest of three children. More...

Kat Lunoe

Kat Lunoe is an artist and illustrator with a rich and varied magical background including Thelema, Golden Dawn, Vajrayana Buddhism, and Alexandrian witchcraft. More...

Malgorzata Maj

Malgorzata Maj, born in 1980 ( 2004 graduated from Warmia-Masuria University in Olsztyn with the title of the master in art, specializing in traditional techniques including painting on silk ), since 2005 an illustrator & photographer who fell in love with XIXth century painting colours and themes, ghostly moods & dreamy visions, also fascinated with music and involved in various projects, both in arts and music. More...

Angelique Mroczka

Digital fantasy artist Angelique Mroczka was born February of 1982 in Anchorage, Alaska. More...

Pia Van Ravestein

In Pia's words:

I am a spiritual artist working mostly with traditional mediums like aquarelle, acrylic, ink and pencil; I also work with soft and hard pastels and am currently exploring digital mediums. More...

Cover Artist, Illustrator & Wraeththu Mythos Specialist

Ruby started drawing from her imagination long before she could or indeed would talk. More...

Michael Skrtic

Michael Skrtic was created by an improbable laboratory accident between the end of the Atomic Age and the beginning of the Space Age. More...

Isis Sousa

I am a Brazilian digital illustrator and graphic designer who have been living in Norway since around 2010. More...

Lucas Swann

An Aesthete, musician, performer, artist & designer. More...

Jim Towns

Jim Towns is a formally trained painter and illustrator, an alumnus of the Savannah College of Art & DesignMore...

Olga Ulanova

Olga entertained hopes of many an occupation during her younger years (pilot and translator among them), all the while secretly wishing she could have an art career. More...


Wyldraven is a young British artist specialising in the dark/gothic fantasy genre. More...


Born in the deep dark south in the mid-sixties. More...

Louise Coquio

Louise lives in Stafford, with her husband and son, in a household dominated by four bad-tempered cats. More...

Paul Houghton

Paul Houghton studied fine art, and then creative writing at UEA, under Malcolm Bradbury and Angela Carter. More...

T. S. Lamb

T. More...

Keith Miller

An American citizen, Keith Miller was born in Tanzania, but spent most of his formative years in Kenya. More...

Tara 'Masery' Miller

Tara 'Masery' Miller has Turner Mosaic, which created a massive failure of her endocrine system causing many health problems. More...

Kiya Nicoll

Kiya Nicoll is an Egyptian reconstructionist from New England, where she lives with her family. More...

Karen Tate

Rev. More...

Brandy Williams

Brandy Williams is an internationally known writer and lecturer on esoteric topics with a special emphasis on womenís studies. More...

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