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Wendy Darling

(also Editor)

Wendy Darling wears many hats -- web developer, blog curator, editor, community activist, writer, and more.

As a web designer, Wendy has designed and maintained web sites for institutions, small businesses, and non-profit organizations since the late 1990s. Currently Wendy is communications specialist at Emory University, where she maintains web sites, produces videos and manages social media.

In 2001, Wendy launched Inception as an entirely web-based Storm Constantine fan site, featuring essays, reviews, artwork and poetry. The web site ran for almost 10 years. Wendy is also webmaster of the Wraeththu fan fiction archive, Forever Wraeththu.

Everyone (including Wendy) always said she was going to be a writer, but when she grew up and was producing a lot of copy for web sites or writing articles for the paper (she was a journalism major), it wasn't until she was a few years out of college that she moved to writing fiction. Originally drawn into the world of Vampire Chronicles fan fiction, Wendy fortuitously discovered not only Wraeththu but Wraeththu fan fiction, which set her imagination on fire like nothing in a long, long time.

Her favorite of her Wraeththu fan fiction stories is Breeding Discontent, a collaboration with Bridgette Parker, which in 2003 was published by Immanion Press. Wendy is also the author of "The First” and “Something’s Coming,” both of which appeared in the 2010 Wraeththu anthology Paragenesis (for which Wendy also served as co-editor). She has edited several other Immanion Press books, including Fiona McGavin’s A Dream and a Lie. Wendy’s next projects include a story in the upcoming book Para Imminence (another Wraeththu anthology) and work on two novels.

Other hobbies include an Art Deco architecture blog, reading, photography, and collecting obscure reference books.

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