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Megalithica Books Catalogue

Lisa Spiral Besnett

Lisa Spiral Besnett has been a seeker all her life. She has a broad interest and experience in spirituality and World Religion. She has traveled widely in America, Europe and Asia and is aware of the impact of culture on ritual practice. She has participated in religious practices, including a variety of Christian practices, as well as Native American, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim and Pagan ritual. She has a background in theater, and appreciates the common root that both religious ritual and theater share in human history and development.

Lisa Spiral is a practicing minister and currently holds her credentials through Covenant of the Goddess, a national organization of Wiccans. Her ministerial practice focuses primarily on hospital patient advocacy and support, and also parental advocacy within the special needs education process. She holds the rank of High Priestess in several Neo-Pagan traditions, including being the co-founder of Twi-Trad tradition. She has been an active member of the Twin Cities Pagan Community (Paganistan) for over 30 years where she is a strong supporter of interfaith work.

Lisa Spiral Besnett has been welcomed as a guest presenter at national Pagan festivals and college conference as well as local public events. She gives lectures and workshops on spirituality and spiritual practices. She is a guest editorial writer for the Pagan News Collective and currently writes a weekly blog on spiritual topics that arise from her own journey at

Lisa Spiral Meditations are her signature meditation CDs. These guided meditations provide an aid to developing personal spiritual practices. Like this book, they are appropriate for those of all spiritual paths and backgrounds. Lisa Spiral Meditation CDs are available on her website at

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