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Megalithica Books Catalogue

Valentine Williams

Valentine Williams has had a varied career as teacher, sex therapist, market trader and academic staff counsellor and trainer in a University. She has also been a foster parent, cook and laundry-maid.

The child of a deaf mother and an eccentric inventor engineer father, she escaped home at a young age and hitch-hiked across Europe, though she did once also catch a train from Paddington to Istanbul. Chased by drug barons in Morocco and robbed of her clothes (she was pregnant at the time) she gave up long distance travel for a while to raise her family.

Always a scribbler, she was commissioned to write two self-help books just after completing an MA at Edge Hill and has never looked back. Married to an art therapist, (her first and only husband), she has four sons, and having spent years mucking out bedrooms and feeding five hungry men plus lodgers every night, is enjoying now having the time to write properly, dig the allotment and keep track of offspring. They live in an inconvenient cottage in Shropshire with a well under the floor and try to stop the garden getting into the house. The Marsh People is her second novel.

Valentine takes a keen interest in the writers' group she founded in the town and offers workshops to other local groups, mainly on writing horror fiction. A member of the Keele Poets' Group at Silverdale, she has won commendations and prizes this year and last for poetry.

Her activities this year include taking part in the LascauxFest, (an excuse to meet friends and hear good music in France), watching old Italian movies, (La Strada, Fear Eats The Soul), going to art auctions and completing an inventory of 150 paintings of nudes for a relative strange but true and joining Room 204 in the Custard Factory for Writing West Midlands. She also attended the Leicester Alt.Fiction weekend, and swapped notes with some great writers.

She has published self-help books, erotica and short fiction under other names, but enjoys writing dark fiction best, though poetry is a close contender.

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