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Megalithica Books Catalogue

Lydia M. Nettles Crabtree

Lydia M N Crabtree confesses to being an author, seer, sister, lover, friend, priestess, teacher, presenter, speaker, ritualista, crochet practitioner, crafty, crafty witch, Wiccan, Welch Celtic devote, goddess and god worshipper in equity, pianist, cellist, player of the cone drum and bodhran, singer of songs, preferably loudly and often, southerner, disabled (being southern is not her disability), advocate, politically aware and active; lover of medieval renaissance astrology, sacred geometry, geomancy, tarot, learning – anything, anywhere; keeper of service dog Alice and service dog in training Ziek; reader of paranormal romance (fine! any romance of any type will do if the characters are engaging and the writing is more than mediocre – see Kenyon, Hamilton and Ward); owner of more non-fiction physical books than fiction; owner of more fiction eBooks than non-fiction; watcher of more television than is healthy; should recycle, don’t; carries own bag everywhere; secret admirer of several beautiful men and women and too shy to say anything directly to them; lover of hockey (Go Blackhawks!) and football (Go Falcons!) and Rugby Sevens (Go USA!); desperately wants to sing on stage in a large theater with Muse or U2 and would probably faint if given the chance – has sung with The Commitments on a small stage and could get used to it – did not faint; can sing more hymns than most people have ever heard; love to laugh; misses her mom, Coco, who is beyond the veil and aches for her sister and her family whom are separated by seven states and thousands of miles; beloved, well-kept woman to beautiful consort; and hand upon one God-cradle through the birth of her son while striving to be a positive influence and not always succeeding.

Birthing Hereditary Witchcraft Crafting Family Coven is released by Immanion Press in June 2015 and Ms Crabtree’s professional writing continues at Agora on Patheos-Pagan.

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