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Jonathan Mooney

Jonathan Mooney is the Seneschal and co-founder of Spiral Cult Circus. He is a Hermetic magician, practical alchemist and chef. He is a native of Portland, Oregon. He gained his love of the outdoors and history early, having spent many a summer of his childhood running wild in the mountains. His family regularly attended Rendezvous, a historical reenactment community focusing on the Fur Trade era.
 Jonathan works within the Pacific Northwest magical community as a Hearthkeeper, providing feasts and libations prepared especially for ritual. With Katessa, he coauthored the training material “Toward a Right Relationship with Food: A Learning Module for Excellence in Community Kitchens”.
 He has long been involved in on-the-ground activism and leadership, previously serving as the Secretary of the Portland branch of the Industrial Workers of the World - a labor union committed to workplace democracy and fair treatment for all workers. He currently serves as a Trustee of his local Eagle's Lodge, Aerie #3256.
 Jonathan's practice of magic stems from a holistic viewpoint: that we are intrinsically connected to the world and people around us through webs of influence that are inescapable. This interconnectivity shapes us in ways of which we are often unaware. Through cultivating a deeper understanding of these dynamics (and creating a better personal vocabulary of symbols to express them) we cease to be victims of the forces surrounding us - and begin to become their architects instead.

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