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Megalithica Books Catalogue

S. Rune Emerson

A practicing witch, diviner, and sorcerer since the early 90's, Rune's primary focus is adaptation of traditional magical practice to modern purpose, often re-envisioning older practices through pop-culture imagery or modern mythology. A self-proclaimed "geekomancer" (term borrowed from Michael R. Underwood's "Ree Reyes" fiction series), he runs a blog called Grimoire of Geekery, which explores the use of games and fiction as potential magical conduits of practice and initiation.

A passionate advocate for the use of games in magic, one of Rune's largest obsessions is for the Tarot and the use of cartomancy. A card reader since he was a child, he has often employed tarot cards in various areas of his magical practice, culminating in the writing of his first published work, "Nothing But a Pack of Cards: a Book of Tarot Sorcery and Cartomancy."

Rune's approach to magic can be classified as "reverently secular," seeing the occult as a profession or practice rather than a religion, and approaching all modes of spirituality and metaphysics from a perspective of valuing the practical result over the psychological. As founder of the Risting Tradition of American Witchcraft, a tradition of witchery-as-profession, he has spent the last decade teaching practical magical skills in places all over the United States.

He refers to his personal life as "extraordinarily ordinary," and lives in the high desert of Nevada, teaching and practicing divination professionally out of a local metaphysical shop in his area.

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