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Vincent Chong


From my early doodles as a kid, to the more elaborate paintings and sculptures I created in art lessons at school, I guess it was always on the cards that I would end up pursuing some sort of creative career. So after pondering long and hard over which artistic direction to take, here I am, determined to make a name for myself as an illustrator and designer, and enjoying every single moment (well almost!) of the challenge. My work has appeared on book and cd covers, websites and in various magazines around the world, and with more commissions coming constantly, and numerous personal projects Iím trying to develop, including several ideas I have for illustrated stories, there never seems to be enough hours in the dayÖ

I am constantly developing and refining my style and techniques. Ever since I discovered what I could do with photography and Photoshop thereís been no looking back and Iíve been working happily with the digital medium since. However, itís important to me that the computer never takes over - at the end of the day itís just another tool which helps me communicate my wild imaginings - a very fancy, hi-tech paintbrush if you will. I still love to combine traditional painted and sculptural elements into my work giving my art a more organic, painterly quality than an overly digital feel.

Always remember, inspiration can be found anywhereÖ

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