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Elizabeth Anderton Fox

Born in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, U.K. Elizabeth Anderton spent her early years in Wales and later in Cheshire.

By profession an Ophthalmic Optician she is now retired from active practice. Having an interest in spiritual and psychic matters from an early age, Elizabeth joined the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis in 1962 and followed their system of home study until 1990. In 1979 she first made contact with local groups and soon became actively involved in the work of the Order serving as a Chapter and Grand Lodge Officer until her resignation in 1990.

From the beginning of the Order Militia Crucifera Evangelica in the United Kingdom in 1991, Elizabeth served as Marshal of the U.K. Priory until her appointment to the Sovereign Priory as Magister Templi of the Order in 1996. She retired from this Office in October 2009 having worked extensively with OMCE groups world-wide.
In 1981 she was Initiated into the Traditional Martinist Order. Her Martinist work continues now within the British Martinist Order as a 4th Degree Initiator.

In 1985 she was Initiated into Co-Masonic Free Masonry, Le Droit Humane, an International Order of Free Masonry open to both men and women, in which she continues to participate.

Since becoming a student of the "Servants of the Light" School in 1982, Elizabeth has worked extensively within the School and has been a supervisor for the SOL course work since 1985.

During 1980 she met John A.B. Fox. From 1982 onwards they shared a working partnership of lectures and workshops which led to the eventual formation of their own "Sirius” title in 1990, under which they presented workshops and seminars both personally and organising them for many of to-days fore-most Teachers. John and Elizabeth were married in 1992. After a short illness John died on 27 January 2002 which brought to a close their long partnership in esoteric work.

From 2002 until 2015 Elizabeth was co-presenter with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, Director of Studies of SOL, in their series of thirteen annual Ritual with Purpose workshops.

Elizabeth now lives in Milford Haven, south west Wales, and while largely retired from group work, continues to be involved in teaching and some Lodge work within the SOL, OMCE, CR+C, BMO and International Freemasonry for Men and Women.

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