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Megalithica Books Catalogue

Cornelia Benavidez

Cornelia Benavidez was raised in Albion Michigan by a German mother and a Mexican Indian and Spanish father. She grew up with a rich oral history from both sides of her family. She attended and graduated from Albion College with Major studies in Philosophy, Theater and Psychology. She lived in San Francisco for thirty years studying and working with and for various spiritual organizations. Also, with her husband Atty. John Doyle helped found H.E.A.R Hearing, Education and Awareness for Rockers. Also, managed to sing with various bands in many of San Francisco’s best venues.

She says: “my husband and I had the honor and privilege of raising a child and living with the best critters that anyone could have in this great
American city. This history we carried to Oregon the land of trees and a writers dream.

“Story telling is a big part of my family tradition, yet when I graduated from college in Albion Michigan, some sort of scent on the breeze lured me back west. I dove into the San Francisco adventure. Living in a warehouse artist Co-op, I soon met many artists and entertainers. Before I knew it, I was living the magical life of day time cafes coffee drinking, waxing profound with great minds and night time’s rock and roll elite. I floated through this scene Fae-like, until I was called northward to the land of forest, rivers and mountains. It’s here, in this crib of nature, that stories once more soared like noisy seagulls in my head demanding food and affection.”

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