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Megalithica Books Catalogue

Lillith ThreeFeathers

As a child, Lillith ThreeFeathers wandered into the anthropology section of the library and began her lifelong fascination with ancient cultures and traditions. From an early age, her grandfather engrained in her a love for the mysteries of nature. During the Seventies, she began walking an initiatory path in her quest to comprehend the world through personal experiences and shamanic understanding. Building upon that foundation, she has studied dreamwork, mediumship, and ways of healing with Shamans and Elders from Australia, Africa, and North and South America (including Cuba and Mexico). In addition to initiations in a number of shamanic traditions, she is a priestess of two amazing goddesses: Lilith and Yemaya. She founded the Circle of Living Spirit, a multi-traditional, multi-faith, earth-based church, and she functions as Elder for that group.

Through in-person and online sessions, Lilith offers classes on alternative, ceremonial, and energetic healing, shamanic practices, mediumship, and Goddess spirituality. She has worked as a medium and psychic reader extensively, and she offers profound tarot card readings, soul path guidance, and other divination services. Currently she teaches as adjunct faculty at Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary (also known as the Wiccan Seminary).

Lillith ThreeFeathers was a quoted source in Drawing Down the Spirits by Kenaz Filan and Raven Kaldera (Destiny Books, 2009). In addition to writings in anthologies, including Lilith Queen of the Desert (Knickerbocker Circus, 2010) and Calling to Our Ancestors (Asphodel Press, 2015), she has one hundred articles to her publishing credits.

She continues to value the wisdom of the natural world and ancient practices. After all of these years, she remains amazed by the miracles that arise from interactions with the Ancestors and Divine Ones.

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