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Megalithica Books Catalogue

Joy Wedmedyk

Joy Marie Wedmedyk has studied shamanism, mediumship, divination, and mysticism for over 40 years. She has extensively studied with traditional Elders from the Americas, Cuba and Africa. Initiated to Yemaya in Lucumi Orisha worship, she also received initiations in Native American and African Shamanic traditions. Joy is an accomplished Medium and Shamanic practitioner, offering healing and guidance to others through these ancient traditions.

Her deep connection to the Ancestors and the Ancient Ones, and to the spirits of Heaven and the Light, opens the way for healing in this world and in the world of the Spirits. Joy’s path as a Priestess, Psychic, Medium and Diviner is centered on bringing to her clients and students a framework that can open the way for prosperity and abundance in all facets of their lives. She inspires others to find the center of their being through the discovery of their own personal mythos and their own source of healing.

Traveling and teaching for over thirty years, Joy is a sought after presenter at various Pagan/ NeoPagan and New Age venues. She is also the organizer for the yearly Midwest Shamans Conference. Joy provides exceptional sessions for individuals to study the ways of the Elders and Shamans of the world. Through these venues she gives the participants an opportunity to experience, create, and learn from the cosmology, mythology, and wisdom of the people of the Earth.

Joy was a quoted source for the book Drawing Down the Spirits by Kenaz Filan and Raven Kaldera (Destiny Books 2009). She was also a contributing author for Walking the Path of the Ancient Ways (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (February 5, 2012)) and Calling to Our Ancestors (Asphodel Press, 2015).

An amazingly creative and spiritual artist, Joy crafts both herbal and salt baths for cleansing and healing, artisan perfume oils, makes jewelry, and draws and paints. All of her products express spiritual or metaphysical meaning and are created by following the teachings of her Elders and the guidance of the spirits.

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