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Megalithica Books Catalogue

Olga Ulanova


Olga entertained hopes of many an occupation during her younger years (pilot and translator among them), all the while secretly wishing she could have an art career. But the notion of doing what you love most for a living just seemed impossible and unattainable in the "real world". And so she kept to underground projects and publications during college. It wasn't until 2003 - through loving encouragement (i.e. the pushing and shoving of friends) - that she resolved to give art a serious try. It has been the best decision of her life so far.

Currently, Olga is striving to improve and diversify her technique, break into the 'market', do a thousand other things at once, and is enjoying the experience immensely. Aside from drawing, she holds nap marathons, travels when she can afford to, indulges her addictions to manga and anime, stages a valiant effort to visit the gym regularly, and makes out with her much beloved, if obligatory, cat (Seems like every artist has one, doesn't it?). She is hopelessly fond of books and stationery supplies, and is an optimistic Gemini at heart.

Olga is now residing in beautiful Seattle, United States.

Official Site olga.east-27.coma

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