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Philip Emery

Philip Emery lives just outside Newcastle-under-Lyme, on the outskirts of the Potteries (which gives added meaning to the term 'potted biography'). He works as a freelance writer\lecturer, teaching creative writing for various universities, colleges, and educational organisations, and was an associate lecturer with Keele University for over twenty years. Stories, verse, plays and articles have been printed, broadcast and performed in the UK, USA, Canada and Europe since the seventies. (But there's still that screenplay languishing at the bottom of that digital drawer…)

He began to write at an early age, a few years later asked for a typewriter for a Christmas present, and the rest is alternate history. In this particular reality, the only useful skill he's cultivated and maintained is the ability to touch-type.

He stopped collecting his rejection letters in the nineties when they became much more boring – he still treasures the rejection from a well-known American editor which read, "Not well enough written or plotted to be of interest to anyone."

He dislikes writing about himself, at least directly, even in third-person.

His one remaining ambition is to see his pseudo-Jacobean sci-fi martial arts black comedy stage play in production. His other one remaining ambition is to write an opera libretto.

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