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Megalithica Books Catalogue

Bridgette Parker

According to family members, Bridgette Morvant Parker was telling stories even as a toddler.
And her love for all things spooky and supernatural was evident even at that tender age. (Adult listeners were generously forewarned, "Now this is the scary part.") Infamous for scaring other kids with her tales, it was little surprise that her childhood career goals progressed as follows: witch, writer, social worker, newspaper reporter. Ever adaptable, Bridgette has successfully tried her hand at each career (well still working on the witchcraft).
Despite growing up in rural Louisiana (USA), Bridgette has also spent the last few years adapting to life in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas (USA). Her loving husband, Paul Parker, has helped her with the transition. The two met while both studying journalism at Northwestern State University of Louisiana.
Members of an online fan fiction community, including dear friend and collaborator Wendy Darling, introduced Bridgette to Storm Constantine's fantasy fiction beginning with the Wraeththu trilogy. The books proved deeply inspirational and in addition to Breeding Discontent (a collaboration with Wendy being published by Immanion Press), she has contributed to Inception /inception/ and Writers of the Storm, the Grissecon fan fiction booklet.
Bridgette's other hobbies include online amateur writing communities, exercise at home, Live Journal, reading, simple crafts, and -- given the opportunity -- telling scary stories.

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