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Steven Pirie

Steven Pirie lives in the northwest of England with a wonderful wife, a marvellous son, and an incontinent cat, which is not nearly quite so marvellous and wonderful.
He is a playful forty-two year old, as the son and cat will often tell, and blames this outlook for the hefty humour he likes to paste upon his words. He follows football and is active in a number of internet writers' sites, though not at the same time.
It has been said he is to fiction writing what Al-Qaeda is to world peace - frankly, something of a nuisance - but not by reliable, sober sources. His short stories have appeared in a number of print and web-based magazines, none of which of which closed to business soon after. He clings to this as a positive sign.
Digging up Donald is his debut novel. A first, he hopes, of more still to come.

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