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Cover Artist, Illustrator & Wraeththu Mythos Specialist

Ruby started drawing from her imagination long before she could or indeed would talk. And that's the way she prefers it, communicating to the world using images rather than words [1]. Still heavily influenced by the fantasy novels, traditional fairy tales and world myths and legends absorbed from her childhood reading - Ruby has grown-up into a multimedia illustrator interested in exploring the darkly sensual, symbolic and surreal undercurrents of life (some of which are based in fact but mostly - sadly, often the best - are only possible in fiction). Pulled towards works by writers such as Storm Constantine who create sublime worlds populated by bewitching characters, Ruby has found an adult source of fuel for her art.

Ruby has been told that her illustrations 'blend perfectly the mythological, the classical and the future fantastic' (thanks V.P). And if that wasn't praise enough, that they are also 'evocative of both Beardsley and Mucha'. This is an idea that makes her blush and stutter at the thought. Her first love has always been the simple complexity of a black ink line on a piece of white paper, crossing over another. Her belief that it might just slightly (even remotely vaguely) be possible to make a career out of drawing came in the mid-nineties when Ruby's already distinctive line art, found a natural home within the pages of alternative small press publications. She figured that if there were people out there that liked and understood her stuff, that one day someone might pay money for it. A surprise nomination in the 'Best Artist' category in the BSFA awards in 1997 made her smile non-stop for a week. This was mainly because she was safe in the knowledge that she would never win it and therefore not have to make an acceptance speech.

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