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Megalithica Books Catalogue

Kiya Nicoll

(also Editor)

Kiya Nicoll is an Egyptian reconstructionist from New England, where she lives with her family. (After a decade or so of vague eclectic neopaganism she tripped over a sacred blue lotus and fell onto a pyramid.) She has been working with the independent Kemetic community as a theologian for some several years, in which time she has gained a reputation for being able to put complex concepts in accessible, occasionally whimsical terms, and occasionally startles people with a lack of formal education. She is in the process of combining a strong focus on an accessible, functional Egyptian paganism with the development of a historically-rooted mystical tradition complemented by her ongoing training in the Craft.

In addition to writing the Travellerís Guide to the Duat, she contributed to Immanion Pressís anthology on wealth magic, Manifesting Prosperity, and Alfred Pressís Sacred Power, Holy Surrender. (She was also a contributor to a book about baseball, in fine old New England tradition.) She works for Immanion as an editor and copyeditor, in addition to her other writing, her art, and her full-time job as Mama.

In the portion of her free time that is not occupied with herding cats and toddler or shoring up teetering piles of research materials, she obsessively plays an assortment of games, fails to practice a variety of musical instruments, and brews mead.

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