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Agent 139, aka James Curcio, has been consciously dedicated to the production and analysis of modern myths since the age of sixteen, and subconsciously arguably since birth. This exploration has taken the form of collaborative novels (Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning in 2007, Join My Cult! in 2004), essays on myth and culture (The Immanence of Myth, presently in development, "Living The Myth,"Generation Hex in 2004, "Hillbilly Tantra" in Magic On The Edge in 2005, and "Dying Gods" in Lemon Puppy, in 2003), Internet "round-table" musical albums and podcasts, (subQtaneous: Some Still Despair In A Prozac Nation in 2005, Babalon's Descent in 2001 and posthumous Dreams And Reflections in 2005, Bedtime Stories With The Antichrist in 2004-2005 and The G-Spot in 2005-2006), and various art and media collectives.

He and the rest of the editorial staff of were also responsible for spewing forth over 500 original articles and interviews in 2007 that covered everything from post-modern cultural analysis to tele-tubbies, and everything in-between.

Presently, he is the Creative Director of Mythos Media and works by day for TLA Entertainment as a web designer and cyberpimp. He will sleep when he is dead.

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