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Meet The Staff

Megalithica Books Catalogue

Pia Van Ravestein


In Pia's words:

I am a spiritual artist working mostly with traditional mediums like aquarelle, acrylic, ink and pencil; I also work with soft and hard pastels and am currently exploring digital mediums. I have contributed illustrations to books, and provided concept and final artwork for tarot decks. Between my own personal projects I work on commissions for individual and corporate clientele. When I am not creating artwork, I passionately explore an interest in mass communications, and pursue my own practices as an animist and shamanist.

I was born with a close relationship to this old, ancient, wise land; Western Australia. When I am not seeking to understand more about the spirits, flora, fauna and nature of the land that lets me inhabit it, I seek to express my connection to it, and as such my encounters with life and nature tends to come through in repeated depictions of Australian wildlife. I feel sometimes that I am like a feral animal who has taken up residence in a land that is not used to me, and like any feral animal, adapts to its surroundings as best as it can. The land I consider my home also remains wild and unfamiliar, and my curiosity to learn and honour that land is insatiable.

For me, there is no difference between ‘nature’ and ‘humankind,’ for I believe that humans with their buildings and cars are just as much a part of nature as a termite mound, or a chudditch hunting the night. I am an animal making a home in the earthiness of pastels and painting, in the same way an apostle bird crafts a clay bowl to raise its offspring.

This land, and my spiritual connection to it, has made me the artist I am today. It has compelled me to express this connection and the impact of different energies over and over again. Through spirituality I seek to connect with the spiritual nature of others, and the sacredness that all beings possess no matter who they are, and what they believe.

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