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Peter Hollinghurst


Peter lives in the South of England near Brighton, Sussex. As a child he enjoyed playing in the 'in between spaces' - the undeveloped little bits of waste ground near his home which at the time seemed to be huge to him - almost worlds in themselves - but on reflection were actually very small. Those half-forgotten spaces still appeal to him and perhaps that is why a sense of the neglected or overlooked often features in his art somewhere. He developed a love of drawing and reading very young, so it is probably no surprise that he thinks of his art as expressions of words, stories and dialogues. For Peter, a piece of art is not fully 'alive' until it becomes part of some wider story, or someone viewing it responds to it by having their imagination wake up and encourage them to participate in a dialogue with it.

Peter's influences include the Pre-Raphaelites and Surrealists, but like most artists he is also influenced by his environment. The places he loves, people he has met and books he has read pervade his way of seeing and of creating. He originally trained in film and drama at university (with a bit of history thrown in) and has also studied multimedia computing. Rather than specialising in any one particular subject, he has always preferred to bring divergent ones together, to synthesize thoughts and expressions of multiple possibilities. He says that he has never fully left those 'in-between spaces' of his childhood - if they have taught him one thing it is a love of overlooked details and a knowledge that if everyone is looking one way at something, it is sometimes his job to turn around and look at what is behind them that they have missed. As well as reading masses of fiction, he also devours reference books and enjoys reading about history, philosophy, mythology, film, art - almost everything in fact. He also writes a little and designs his own role-playing games and worlds for them.

Peter's early paintings were mostly done in acrylic or gouache, and then he moved onto using oils. He spent several years painting with traditional media and doing a variety of work on commission. More recent experimentation in Adobe Photoshop led him to creating art digitally, and he now finds himself creating most of his artwork this way. Sometimes he mixes traditional media and techniques with digital work.

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