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Meet The Staff

Megalithica Books Catalogue

Danielle Lainton

Art Director

Born in Stafford in 1976 and lived here all my life. I've always been in love with the arts in all forms but didn't start thinking seriously about art until I went to college when I was 16. I studied both visual and performing arts at A level and then continued with 2 years and 2 Diplomas in Foundation Studies (art & design). As quite often happens with real life, my sistuation changed and rather than going to University, as was hoped and expected, I worked in the music industry for a while before getting married and having children.

As a way of getting back into my real passions I attended evening classes in beauty with an intention of becoming a theatrical make up artist. I did extra courses in film, theatre and casualty simulation make-up to boost my experience and hopefully get noticed, but the call for these talents is not really there in Stafford (unless it's for free) so I ended up working in beauty salons.

There was a huge turning point in my life when I decided I needed a drastic career change and went to work for a local wedding stationer. The products may not have been to my taste but as my experience grew I became more and more involved with the design work until I was the main designer for the company. After a change of ownership and a clash of interests I decided to go it alone and start my own business.

I now run my own company, Uber Angel, dealing primarily with alternative weddings and commissioned artwork. Even though I tended towards sculpture and photography as a student I now produce most of my work digitally, using a graphics tablet, but still in a traditional drawing style. My inspirations are many and they come in whims, one day I'm working on a pin-up girl and then the next I may feel like drawing zombies and vampires, I may even combine them all!!

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