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Shon Clark

My passion is in seeing how things are connected. This means people, places, things and ideas. This passion led me to a deep passion for spirituality. He began formal training in Craft in the mid-90’s. I got trained in and received initiation through several lineages including Alexandrian Wicca and Thelema.

In my professional life, I am an interfaith spiritual counsellor. I got a Masters of Applied Theology, and used it to blend traditional teachings in Kaballah, Shamanism and Sufism with the teaching I learned in my Craft training. Soon after this degree, I published my first book “Die Before You Die: Sufism as a Model for Spiritual Development”. Nowadays, I use this degree to help people deepen their spiritual life and to over come the challenges that come with spiritual changes and development.

I live in the Pacific Northwest and love all sorts of out door activities. Hiking, camping and road-tripping are among my favourite ways to spend an afternoon (or long weekend). For several years, I have also lived in Chicago. Part of this experience included working the Renaissance Faire circuit as a tarot reader and astrologer. This job took me all around the central and eastern parts of the United States.

In addition to non-fiction writing, I am working on a fantasy fiction series that centres around a war between Angels and Demons. The essence of the series explores the nature of freewill and the cost of giving it away.

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