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jaymi elford


jaymi (innowen) elford is a creative muse whose passions are numerous. Boiled down to two halves, she is part Muse (writing, editing, and graphic design) and part Magic (eclectic paganism and tarot). She believes that magic is a path one walks on, as well as a tool to help explore the world we live in. She fell into magic about 11 years ago and has been walking the path since. jaymi’s passionate about tarot and dives into the exploration of the cards, meanings and integration into her and other's lives with much gusto. She’s especially fond of using her deck as a creativity companion.

A writer and publisher for many years, jaymi keeps her pen's nib in many inkwells. She tackles a wide variety of projects: from writing short stories, online articles, technical writings, to polishing her first novel, and editing books by other authors. Jaymi often claims that she dreams in words, rather than pictures. Her stories and essays have been featured in Ravens in the Library, D*I*Y Planner, several Megalithica Books anthologies, and two White Wolf Game Studio Mage: the Ascension Second Edition source books.

Physically, jaymi lives in the Pacific Northwest with her loving husband, 3 cats, and an ever growing collection of books. Go to to learn more about her.

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