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Sarai St Julien

Sarai St. Julien is a clairvoyant empath. She began working with dreams and Tarot 15 years ago. At first she used them as tools for her own healing and growth. She soon discovered that through her dream-work and tarot readings she had opened the doorway to increased psychic awareness. As her ability to see, hear and feel this psychic guidance increased she discovered she had a gift for perceiving the energy fields of others. Sarai now does aura and past life readings as well as dream interpretation and tarot consultations.

A professional marketing and technical writer for almost 20 years, in 2002 Sarai left the corporate world behind and began her own company: The Intuitive’s Path (formerly Titania Moon Intuitive Consulting).

Sarai’s mission is to help people both through the use of her psychic gifts and by helping them connect with their own intuition. She does so by leading workshops and classes on Dreams, Tarot, Psychic Development and Meditation; through private consultations, and by means of her CD: Relax Now! Guided Meditations for Busy Days and Progressive Relaxation to Unwind. That CD teaches simple visualization and breathing techniques to quiet the mind.

Sarai lives in Milwaukie, Oregon with her husband Gale Charles Strong and their three cats: Peony, Joey and Kato. She loves spending time around trees (her house is surrounded with Hawthorns, Maples, Dogwoods and huge evergreens). She is an avid walker and hiker, and in particular, loves hiking in the Columbia River Gorge. Sarai is also an eclectic reader, and reads everything from psychology to science fiction.

A ferocious Scrabble player, Sarai’s friends describe her as a “wordie” because of her fascination with words and language. Fittingly, Sarai is an honor’s graduate with a baccalaureate in Spanish and French. She went on to study Italian and English Literature after graduation.

To contact Sarai and learn more about her workshops and her CD go to:

Official Site

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