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Megalithica Books Catalogue

Marcus F Griffin

Marcus F Griffin’s sixth birthday present was a coffin built by his father at his request. Young Marcus piled books and stuffed animals on top of it of every night so he’d be awakened if anything tried to crawl out of it while he was sleeping. The rest, as they say, is history.

Thanks to childhood encounters with unexplainable supernatural events, Marcus was driven to study the mysteries of a multitude of worlds, as a result of which, he has been a student and teacher of metaphysics, spirituality, and the paranormal for over twenty-nine years. He is author of the literary horror novel, Slaughter, (Alexandrian Archives Publishing, 2009), the nonfiction spiritual tome, Tribe: Tending the Fires of the Great Spirit Within, (O-Books, 2010), and WISP- Witches in Search of the Paranormal, (Llewellyn, 2011). Marcus is an active member of the Horror Writers Association. He is also a regular contributor to the Llewellyn Annuals and writes a monthly feature column for

Marcus lives with his wife in northern Indiana in a haunted home located on their sanctuary, which is known as Nevermore Gardens.

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