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Megalithica Books Catalogue

Submissions: Fiction

We receive dozens of fiction submissions a month, and at the current time our fiction list is full for the foreseeable future. However, we will still consider the following:

1. Reprints of long out of print books by established authors, for which there is a noticeable demand, or new works by such authors.

2. New novels of outstanding excellence that have something utterly different and fresh to say, are superbly written, with a unique voice, or are in some other way genre- or ground-breaking.

3. Wraeththu Mythos novels. If you would be interested in contributing to this shared world project, please download the guidelines. We also do regular anthologies of Wraeththu Mythos short stories. Mail the address below for more information.

Fiction submissions should be sent to editorial(at)Immanion-press(dot)com

Submissions: Non Fiction

We are currently reading submissions for our non-fiction list. The kind of books we’re looking for are cutting edge works on esoteric subjects. We do not want Wicca 101, but titles with something new and exciting to say.

We will also consider reprints of nonfiction books long out of print, for which there is a noticeable demand.

Nonfiction submissions should be sent to Taylor Ellwood at magicalexperiments(at)yahoo(dot)com

What We Do and Do Not Publish

So as not to waste your time or ours, please note:

We do not publish children’s or young adult fiction of any kind.

We do not publish ‘romantic’ fantasy, i.e. idealised romances about vampires, angels etc.

We do not publish short story collections by new writers.

We do not publish poetry.

We only publish nonfiction that is connected with magic or spirituality, and fiction that is related to the science fiction, fantasy, slipstream, magical reality and horror genres.

More information may be found in the links below.

Guidelines for New Authors to Immanion
  Guidelines for 'Wraeththu Mythos' Writers
  Guidelines for Reprinted Works
  Additional Guidelines for Co-Authorship

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