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Megalithica Books Catalogue

Guidelines for New Authors to Immanion

Please read the following guidelines carefully.

At this stage, Immanion Press does not offer advances against royalties. If we publish your work, you will start accruing royalty payments immediately your book is published, to be paid twice yearly, in June and December.

What We Are Looking For:

Innovative and intelligent novels in the dark fantasy, literary fantasy, sf and horror genres.
Slipstream/magical reality fiction - challenging works that are indefinable in terms of genre.
Black comedies

We do not want:

Derivative and/or twee high fantasy
Overly technical, non-character driven sf
Visceral gore horror

Thought-provoking, well researched and boundary crossing esoteric non-fiction works on modern occultism, neopagan spiritual traditions, and related topics. We specialize in intermediate to advanced level works, rather than 101 material, and we want to provide the sorts of unique books that can't be found elsewhere. We may consider introductory works, provided that they are on topics that currently have little to no existing published material. Past works have ranged from experimental magic to reconstructionist religions, animism and shamanism to ceremonial magic, Otherkin and therianthropy to magical group dynamics.

We do not want:

"New Age" material (angels as beings of "love and light", copycats of "The Secret", etc.)
Paranormal material (UFOs responsible for the pyramids and crystal skulls, lizard people, conspiracy theories)
Rehashes of Wicca/Eclectic neopaganism 101/spell books/other topics that have been done to death
Theory-only books on magic (histories, diatribes, etc.); theory-only books on social/structural issues within the pagan and occult communities may be considered
Biographies, or first-person-only accounts of individual spiritual paths; your work needs to be directly relevant and useful to the reader, not just yourself
Original, modern magical/spiritual systems that are presented as ancient systems/family traditions, with no other historical or other reference material to support them

If you are unsure what category your work fits into, in either fiction or non-fiction, please submit samples.

How to Submit Work
We prefer to receive submission in electronic format in either Word or as a pdf or plain text file. Novels should be between 50,000 and 120,000 words.

Work should be in double line space, 12pt Times New Roman or similar, with 1" margins all round.

Pages should be numbered.

Please send

  • A 2-5 page synopsis of your book (including chapter breakdown for non-fiction).

  • The first 30 pages of text

  • Biographical information about yourself, including any previously published works if pertinent.

  • Please indicate what stage your work is at, i.e. how many drafts you've done on the submitted material, whether the book is yet finished, etc. If your book is not complete, state when you envisage it will be.

After we have read your submission, and should we consider it suitable for Immanion Press to publish, we will contact you within a month to request a completed manuscript.

Immanion Press reserves the right to reject the work at any stage until you receive a contract, but the contract states that the work will not be published if the finished manuscript does not comply with publishable standards.

Rights and Contract

For first time authors, a contract will be provided on submission of a publishable manuscript, which must be approved by a bona fide editor or agent of Immanion Press, and be professionally competent and fit for publication in style and content.

Authors who already have work published by Immanion Press may be eligible for a commission, in which case a contract is given upon submission of a mutually agreed synopsis and sample chapters.

We do not offer advance payments. All authors are paid on a royalty basis, at a rate comparable to industry standard. Royalties will be paid twice a year, in June and December.

Writing Guidelines

All Immanion Press publications will be of professional standard. This means your work will be subjected to rigorous editing. The editing process can sometimes be harsh, but all editorial advice is for the benefit of your work. The Immanion Press editors are all extremely experienced in their fields, and one of them will liaise with you, throughout production of the book.

Although authors are encouraged to discuss editing points with their editor, the editor's decision is final on all matters.

Therefore, do not submit work if you find it difficult to accept constructive criticism and direction. To do otherwise, merely wastes our time and yours.

We would not automatically reject a submission because of poor grammar, punctuation, spelling and syntax, if it's clear the author has great potential, good ideas and a story to tell. We offer full support to our authors, and can provide coursework material for creative writing and English grammar upon request.

Specific Writing Guidelines for Nonfiction Manuscripts

Manuscripts are subjected to a thorough editing process that includes not only proofreading for grammar and spelling, but also in-depth content editing and fact-checking to the best of our ability. Please be prepared to potentially spend several months in the editing process, as we want to help you put out the best work possible. Our job is not to rewrite your book to make it acceptable to the masses (and the big box chain stores), but to help make your writing the best it can be while preserving your unique voice and ideas. Our nonfiction editing staff is composed of a variety of magical and spiritual practitioners; while we do not have editors in every single tradition, should your manuscript be approved we will do our best to match you to an appropriate editor.

We do require that, to the best of your ability, you show your use of others' material through a solid bibliography, as well as either footnoted or in-text citations. We understand that with some works, particularly reprints of older works, this may be difficult to impossible. We prefer APA format. If your manuscript is accepted, we will help make sure that your references are in order.

Contact Details:

(PLEASE NOTE: The top line of each document you send to us should contain your name and contact details)

Postal: Immanion Press, 8 Rowley Grove, Stafford, ST17 9BJ, UK

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