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Megalithica Books Catalogue

Guidelines for 'Wraeththu Mythos' Writers

Please read the following guidelines carefully.

Rights and Contract

1. Wraeththu, the Wraeththu Mythos, and all characters, locations and storylines thereof, are and remain the property of Storm Constantine.

2. Writers submitting Wraeththu Mythos material for publication retain the rights to republish their material solely in collections of their own work and then only with permission from Immanion Press.

For first time authors, a contract will be provided on submission of a publishable manuscript, which must be approved by a bona fide editor or agent of Immanion Press, and be professionally competent and fit for publication in style and content.

3. Authors who already have work published by Immanion Press may be eligible for a commission, in which case a contract is given upon submission of a mutually agreed synopsis and sample chapters.

4. We do not offer advance payments. All authors are paid on a royalty basis, at a rate comparable to industry standard. Royalties will be paid twice a year, in June and December.

Writing Guidelines

1. All Immanion Press publications will be of professional standard. This means your work will be subjected to rigorous editing. The editing process can sometimes be harsh, but all editorial advice is for the benefit of your work. The Immanion Press editors are all extremely experienced in their fields, and one of them will liaise with you, throughout production of the book.

2. Although authors are encouraged to discuss editing points with their editor, the editor’s decision is final on all matters. Therefore, do not submit work if you find it difficult to accept constructive criticism and direction. To do otherwise, merely wastes our time and yours.

3. All work must conform to the current canon of the Wraeththu Mythos, although any new ideas you might have, which are approved by Storm Constantine, will be added to that canon. Please appreciate that these ideas then become the property of Immanion Press.

4. Novels should be between 50,000 and 100,000 words.

5. Work to be submitted in electronic format, in Word or a compatible software suite.

6. Preferred format: A4 (or letter size if your software cannot provide A4), double line space, Times New Roman font or similar, 1” margins all round.

All work is to be submitted to:

(PLEASE NOTE: The top line of each document you send to us should contain your name and contact details)

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