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Megalithica Books Catalogue

Guidelines for Reprinted Works

Please read the following guidelines carefully.

At this stage, Immanion Press does not offer advances against royalties. If we publish your work, you will start accruing royalty payments immediately your book is published, to be paid twice yearly, in June and December.

For previously published works, we are looking for fantasy/sf/horror/slipstream novels, or esoteric nonfiction texts, for which there is still a demand, or high quality works that received critical acclaim but poor distribution first time round. All rights must have reverted to the copyright holder.

We offer both UK and worldwide distribution.

Please contact us with suggestions for submissions at or by post to Immanion Press, 8 Rowley Grove, Stafford, ST17 9BJ, UK.

(PLEASE NOTE: The top line of each document you send to us should contain your name and contact details)

How to Submit Work

If we agree to reprint your work, please submit your manuscript in electronic format in either Word or as a pdf or plain text file.

Work should be in double line space, 12pt Times New Roman or similar, with 1 margins all round. Pages should be numbered.

If your book is not available in electronic format, we can provide an OCR service, at a charge of 0.2p per page.

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