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Wholesale & Trade Orders

Megalithica Books Catalogue

Immanion Press and Megalithica Books are happy to accept orders from traders. Before contacting us, please note the following:

  1. We offer 40% discount on the cover price. Shipping cost is additional to this.
  2. For most orders, books are shipped directly from our printers, whose shipping costs are low. Please bear in mind it can cost the same to ship one book as to ship a dozen or more.
  3. We can only take payments by Paypal, and in some cases, if Paypal cannot be used by a customer, we will take cheques, or can accept a direct bankerís draft. We cannot at this time accept credit card payments.
  4. We do not offer credit. Orders will be processed upon receipt of payment through Paypal or the bank, or in the case of cheques, once a cheque has cleared at our bank.
  5. If these terms are acceptable to you, and you wish to order through us, please supply a contact name, full postal address and a contact phone number. These are all required in order to set up shipping direct from our printers.

    To order, please contact us.

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